SRT Round Wire Wave Springs 

Now available worldwide.

Standard sizes from 0.5" through 6" (12.7 - 152.4 mm)

Customs on request, with no tooling costs. 

SRT Wave Springs are designed for use in high load, high rate, low deflection, static or low cycling applications. Cost effective replacements for disc springs.  

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Why you need an SRT? 


Increased loading capacity vs. flat-wire wave springs


More accurate loading capacity vs. traditional springs


SRTs offer reduced radial space vs. traditional springs, flat-wire wave springs, and disc washers.


Less material is used making a round wire spring, allowing for a lighter weight product.

Less waste:

Because SRTs are coiled and not stamped, there's less waste. This is especially important for pricey alloys for custom parts!

Using Disc Springs? Switch to SRTs 

Are you still using disc springs? Stacks of disc springs?!

Optimize your application performance with SRT! 

Round wire wave springs offer comparable compression loads, but with the additional benefit of improved load accuracy and up to a 25% reduced radial cavity. 

The significantly reduced section width reduces the required radial space, thus benefiting overall component size and weight which can be critical design considerations. 

Only one SRT needs to be assembled compared to stacks of disc springs offers peace of mind and reliability in application maintenance and manufacture. 

In addition, the spring is coiled not stamped from sheet material; therefore the metal grain stays intact for a stable product, reducing environmental impact by decreasing waste and making it a more cost-effective manufacturing option.


DIsc Spring to SRT Switch

Common Applications


SRTs are a versatile product and are crucial in: 


Heavy-duty clutches


Ball valve seats


Bearing pre-loads (as shown here)


Hydraulic or pneumatic directional control valves 


Quality you can rely on.

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